Dubai International Financial Centre Business Setup

One of the major financial centers in the world is the Dubai International Financial Centre. Famous for its workforce, it stands as the leading hub of financial businesses. It facilitates trade while aiming to generate a flourishing future of finance.

Benefits of Dubai International Financial Centre:

There are several benefits of DIFC that are listed below-

• DIFC provides a great business location which proves to be highly strategic.
• There is a tax friendly environment in DIFC.
• You will witness a brilliant regulatory system.
• The legal system is highly unique.
• Complete ownership of business is permitted.
• Capital and profit repatriation is also available.
• There are no restrictions on the exchange of currencies.

DIFC Company Formation Process:

The Dubai International Finance Company formation process can be divided into two major categories- registration and registrar of companies.

Registration: The very first process for a DIFC company formation is registration for acquiring the entity. To do this, you will have to submit a valid application to the Registrar of Companies.

ROC: The further process includes receiving of ROC, reviewing, and taking actions accordingly. Next, they will send a list of documents that will be required for the further process. And then after clarifying the business structure, the final license is issued.
There are several business areas considered by DIFC. These include banking, insurance, brokerage, corporations etc.

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FAQs About Dubai International Financial Centre Business Setup

The DIFC work hub opens to 3 major firms: FinTech firm, RecTech firm and InsurTech firm.
To join the work hub of DIFC, you will have to first discuss it with the business development team of DIFC. After the submission of applications and documents is completed, the final approval can be obtained.
FATCA refers to Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. It is an account that helps in targeting noncompliance by the US taxpayers. The US and UAE government have joined hands to have a mutual FATCA agreement in their respective countries.

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