International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) Company Formation

International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) Company Formation

Located in the emirate of Fujairah, International Free Zone Authority is one of the top business setup spaces in UAE. With three ports and one airport in its vicinity, it is a highly strategic location for trade and commerce. Entrepreneurs today look forward to setting up their companies in the free zone. Apart from location, there are several other benefits which are offered. Find them below.

Benefits of Business Setup in IFZA Free Zone.

International Free Zone Authority is considered one of the most business friendly and beneficial places in UAE. Three major benefits include-
The free zone at IFZA provides a vast number of opportunities as it allows you to select from more than 1000 activities from 108 sectors. You can choose any business for which you would like to form a company.
Secondly, the customer service at IFZA is highly impressive.
Thirdly, one of the major benefits at IFZA includes allowance to form a company even if you are not physically present in the UAE. Some other benefits are -

• IFZA has varied commercial activities ranging from trading activities to industrial work and service-based activities. This makes it highly efficient for everyone.
• You receive complete foreign ownership.
• There is no requirement of any amount of minimum share capital.
• You do not need to compulsorily have a physical office.
• You get many options of visa and non-visa packages to select from.
• You can repatriate all the profits and capital.
• Business friendly facilities with environmentally friendly infrastructure.
• Free from corporate or income taxes.
• It is not necessary to have the physical presence of each member of the business to incorporate the company.

Services offered at International Free Zone Authority:

Official Spaces-

Depending upon your requirement and business type, IFZA offers excellently well-maintained offices. You get access to them 24x7. With offices designed in the European style, it has a nice ambience with perfect lighting and good spaces.

Well-designed Warehouses-

IFZA understands there are different businesses each with their diverse needs. Hence, it also has the option of warehouses with good storage space. All these warehouses are large with flexible access of timings.

Residential Spaces-

Along with commercial spaces, the International Free Zone Authority also takes care of residential spaces. There are several brilliant apartments available in the European style.

Shops for Retailing Activities-

International Free Zone Authority has an impressive set of retail stores and shops with high security & quality maintenance.


Along with several other facilities and services, the International Free Zone Authority also provides the service of elegant hotels. These hotels include gyms, restaurants, pools, plenty of rooms and more.

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International Free Zone Authority : FAQs

It is not a compulsion to have an office at IFZA to form or start a company.
No. There is no corporate or income tax at International Free Zone Authority.
After the submission of the application and the necessary documents, it should take a maximum of five days to obtain a license.

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