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The free zone of Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP) is dedicated to human resources development and management, as well as the advancement of the nation as a knowledge-based industry. It is also referred to as ‘Dubai Knowledge Village.’ As a component of the TECOM company, Dubai Knowledge Park was founded in 2003. Consultancy, Human Resource Management, Training, and Personal Development are some of the programmers offered here. DKP company formation is the world’s only Free Zone dedicated to human resource management and learning excellence. It was founded in 2003 as part of TECOM Investments with the goal of growing the region’s talent pool and transforming UAE into a knowledge-based economy.

Dubai DKP lies on scenic campus extending 1km in length right in the center of Dubai. DKP is a unique hub that provides the best of Human Resource Management, Consultancy, Training, and Personal Development Programs. An important aspect which continues to contribute to the zone’s performance is the increasing competition for the human capital environment, which is affected by Dubai’s economic plans. To maintain and preserve their market position in this developing area, a substantial number of DKP business associates have established training facilities, institutes, and HR agencies. Partnerships involving government and regulatory agencies help DKP partners as well with Dubai Knowledge Park Business Setup.

Types Of Company Licenses At knowledge village Dubai

1. Free Zone Limited Liability Company

An FZE or FZC is a limited-liability company that operates under the legislation and requirements of the Free Zone in which it is located. A Free Zone Establishment (FZE) is a limited liability business with a single shareholder that can be formed in any UAE Free Zone. This is a wholly-owned corporation or a separate legal entity with at least one director.

2. Branch office of a UAE company

It carries out the parent company's business activities and is not considered a distinct legal entity. A branch company is one which is not located in the same city as the company's headquarters. As a result, the branch is not a distinct legal entity. It is a subsidiary of a parent firm that conducts business using the same identity. It is managed by the main corporation. A branch company typically has a branch manager who answers to and accepts orders from a representative of the parent business's management team.

3. Branch office of a Foreign Company  

As branch office is an expansion of the foreign parent corporation, it must get a trade licence to engage in the same operations as its parent firm. It is 51 percent locally owned, without any minimum share capital requirements.

4. Freelance permit

The TECOM Group has awarded a freelancing permission in Dubai, which permits you to operate as an independent contractor and is renewed every year. The freelancer permit is excellent for someone on a spouse's or parent's visa who just needs a licence to work as a freelancer.

Various Products Offered By Dubai Knowledge Village

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1. Commercial Offices - This category covers offices and floor spaces inside the shell and core state. City & Guilds, Hays, Monitor Group, and others are among the top clients in such commercial spaces.
2. Business Centre- Dubai Knowledge Park has everything, from hot desks to fully furnished offices that are ready to use. .
3. Retail- These locations are ideal for businesses that provide support services such as pharmacies, restaurants, vending machines, and newsagents. KFC, Starbucks, Photocopy Centers, Pharmacy, and others are among the current retail partners. .
4. Kiosks- They are small retail locations which can be utilized as coffee shops and other similar establishments. 

Steps Involved In Business Setup At Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP)

Steps Involved In business setup in dubai

• Fill out the application and send it in for approval.
• Submit the legal paperwork for the business's registration.
• Complete the payment, sign & submit the customer confirmation letter.
• The Memorandum and Articles of Association must be signed.
• Share capital deposit.
•Sign the lease agreement as well as the employee sponsorship agreement.

Documents Required to Set Up a Business in Dubai Knowledge Park

• Company registration application .
• Original Memorandum and Articles of Association
• Board resolution
• Passport copy and specimen signature of the manager and the director
• Proof of share capital
• Registration fee and license fee
• No Objection Certificate from residency visa sponsor
• Certificate of Authorization for the Gulf Standardization Organization
• Agreement for personnel secondment

Other paperwork must be signed for the business creation process to be completed. Office Lease, Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, License, and Certificate of Incorporation are the documents in issue.

Benefits of Company Formation in DKP

  • You can repatriate 100% of your capital and profit
  • There’s no corporate or personal tax
  • World-class amenities and modern infrastructure
  • Prime location
  • Office spaces are available at an affordable rate
  • Comparatively lower costs of company setup at DKP

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Dubai Knowledge Park - FAQs

Easy Registration- Starting a company in Dubai Knowledge Village is a straightforward process. It provides you with hassle-free registration and assistance. In comparison to other Dubai free zones, the charge in DKV is modest.

Leveraging Shareholders- During the formation of a firm, the Commercial Companies Law established certain rules indicating the number of participants or shareholders. The number of stockholders of DKV, on the other hand, is unrestricted.

Benefits of Infrastructure- DKV is separated into three phases, each with world-class amenities and infrastructure. It is very well linked to readily available roads and metros. In DKV, you have the flexibility to do business, a friendly government, a large investor base, and simple procedures.
Computer Training, Language Training, Fine Arts Training, Tutoring Services, Technical & Occupational Skills, Professional & Management Development Training, Child Skills Development Training Human Resources Consultancy, Exe. Search, Research & Development, Content Development, Assessment & Testing, Freelancers, Association (Non-profit Organizations), Professional Development, Service Provider, Support Services, Consultancy, Regional HQ, Hotels & Leisure Services & Property Mgmt. Services can be carried out in DKP.

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