Freezone Company Formation

Freezone Company Formation is a great choice for anyone looking for 100% foreign ownership, 100% profit, and capital repatriation, no corporate taxes, and more.

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Freezone Company Formation

In the United Arab Emirates, there are various free zones. As a result, you have
various options for a Freezone Company Formation in Dubai, UAE. The question is, which one is ideal for your business? Dubai is a well-known city in the United Arab
Emirates. One of the reasons is that it serves as the country’s economic hub due to a large number of Free Zones. As a result, in many circumstances, Dubai free zone
enterprises are the most advantageous.

We have experience establishing various types of businesses in practically all of Dubai's free zones. Furthermore, we have provided company creation services in other emirates' free zones.
Every free zone is administered by a free zone authority, which sets the fees for license, renewal, and office space, among other things. The free zone authorities have developed their own frameworks to manage, maintain, and control the free zones.
Without professional assistance, starting a free zone business could be difficult. Furthermore, it can result in erroneous decisions and capital waste. As a result, you should work with the best free zone business creation service providers in the UAE, such as Business Setup HQ.

Freezone Company Formation Selection

We'll walk you through the entire process of starting a business in the UAE freezone. Understanding your aims and business industry is the first step we take when forming a free zone company in the United Arab Emirates. The free zone is chosen based on the business sector. There are free zones in the UAE that cater to specific industries. As a result, you will be able to open a business in that free zone only if your business operations are permitted in that zone. The following are some of the popular free zones where we have supplied our services:

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Types of Freezone Company Formation

After deciding on the finest free zone in the UAE for your business, we'll go on to determine the appropriate form of business structure for you. The decision is based on your company's objectives and required benefits. The corporation structure provides its own set of benefits in terms of taxation, licensing, costing, and ownership, among other things. Let us familiarize you with the many company structures available in the UAE's free zones:

Establishment of a Free Zone (FZE)

A Free Zone company is a limited liability corporation ideal for companies that only want their shareholders' liability to be confined to its shares in the company. We recommend establishing a free zone for enterprises that want to own 100 percent of the company. It cannot, however, be publicly listed in that situation.

Free Zone Company (FZCo)

A Free Zone company is a limited liability corporation ideal for companies that only want their shareholders’ liability to be confined to its shares in the company. We recommend establishing a free zone for enterprises that want to own 100 percent of the company. It cannot, however, be publicly listed in that situation.

Branch of the company

This solution is useful if you already own a business and merely need to open a branch in the UAE. There are a variety of situations in which this is necessary. The advantages vary depending on the situation. There are three situations in which you may need to open a branch of your business.
Public listed company PLC

Public listed company (PLC)

When our clients want their investors' liability to be restricted to the extent of stock they own in the company, we recommend this alternative. The business may be up and running in no time. One of the key benefits we offer is the ability to arrange for your shares to be listed on the stock exchange. That way, you'll be able to get the money quickly. It is important to know there is a minimum capital requirement. This means you'll need a certain amount of money to begin. Depending on the free zone, this threshold varies. As a result, we make a smart free zone selection based on the amount of money you plan to put into the organization.

Foreign company branch

Foreign company branch

We provide this service to companies that have their corporate headquarters in another nation but want to expand their retail presence in the UAE. You will be the sole owner of the company. It will also serve as a company location for you in the UAE. All of your business in the UAE can be done via the branch office.

UAE company branch

UAE company branch

The UAE company branch service would allow you to participate in a variety of activities. You will be capable of conducting import and export quickly after opening a branch of the Mainland Company using a free zone trade license. It will enable you to use both the advantages of a free zone branch and the advantages of a mainland corporation.

Free zone company in the branch

Freezone Company Formation in the branch

We offer this service to users that already own businesses in one of the UAE's free zones. You would only be able to use the advantages of that free zone if you create a business in that free zone. However, if you open a branch, you would be able to use its benefits as well. The choice of a free zone is crucial in this case. We can suggest the free zone that would assist you the most in expanding the scope of your business activities.

Freezone Company Formation license service process

The free zone officials have made completing the licensing process exceedingly straightforward for enterprises. Free zones, on the other hand, may have slightly different regulations and processes. In order to avoid any mistakes, it is also necessary to have a thorough comprehension of the licensing process. As a result, we recommend enlisting the assistance of reputable firms.

Benefits of Freezone Company Formation

There are various advantages to forming a company in a free zone in the United Arab Emirates. Business Setup HQ is dedicated to ensuring that you get the most out of your benefits. Examine the general benefits of forming a business in a free zone.

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About Business setup HQ

Business Setup HQ is a well-known corporation that offers Business Setup Services in Dubai to businesses in a variety of industries. In our decades of experience, we’ve come across some unusual conditions for forming an offshore corporation. Individuals from various countries who had odd businesses and demanded maximum privacy and anonymity were among those with whom we offered our services.

Our knowledge is our most valuable asset at Business Setup HQ. Our extensive knowledge of free zones, their legislation, and the working environment has aided us in providing the finest service possible to our clients. At Business Setup HQ, we have a team of talented business formation agents who have developed the greatest possible answers to our clients' needs. Our clients' complete happiness is a sign of their knowledge. It's possible that your company is one-of-a-kind. However, because we have served practically every major industry, we can tell you that no one else can provide a better business formation service than us.


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Dubai Free Zone Company Formation

Setup a Freezone company in UAE with ease! Unlimited Visas, No Minimum Capital Required!


Yes, we can help you open a bank account and get a visa, as well as help you form a company in the UAE. The amount of employee visas you can get, however, is determined by the type of license you have.
The duration of the company formation service varies depending on the free zone selected. It also relies on the free zone authority that issues the permit. It takes longer to complete corporate activities that require approval from external agencies.