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Dubai Studio City (DSC) Company Formation

Dubai Studio City (DSC) is a global center for film, television, and entertainment production, dedicated for international studios and production facilities. It boasts the Middle East’s largest sound stage and has backed several big film productions. It features state-of-the-art equipment and houses over 275 firms with more than 2,800 employees. It issues production and broadcasting licenses. Dubai Studio City, which opened in 2005, is part of Dubai Holding Subsidiary TECOM Investments’ various media-driven, capitalized enterprises. It is also known as the DSC free zone and has an established infrastructure pool of talent, and a modern business environment to enable the rise of broadcast, film, television, and music production firms in the Middle East.

It covers 22 million square feet and includes pre-built studios, sound stages, warehouses, workshops, office spaces, cutting-edge satellite communication capabilities, and stage areas, among other things. Dubai’s beautiful infrastructure draws visitors, particularly artists, from all over the world. The yearly Dubai Global Movie Festival, which began in 2004, is also held in the city. The city’s one-stop business offers appeal to filmmakers, producers, and crews. Thus, making filming in Dubai more productive and hassle-free. We at BUSINESS SETUP HQ strive to make the process of obtaining a business licence and registering a company in Dubai studio city free zone as simple as possible for entrepreneurs. From over a decade of expertise in accomplishing legal procedures and dealing documentation, our professionals of business advisors are fully committed to assisting you with Business Setup service in Dubai including the entire process at each step.


There are various business structures that are available in Dubai studio city free zone business setup. They are listed as follows:

Free Zone Limited Liability Company–An FZE or FZC is a limited-liability company that operates under the legislation and requirements of the Free Zone where it is located. A Free Zone Establishment (FZE) is a limited liability business with a single shareholder, which can be formed in any UAE Free Zone. This is a wholly owned corporation or a separate legal entity with at least one director.
Branch office of a UAE company- It carries out the parent company's business activities and is not considered a distinct legal entity. A branch company is one that is not located in the same city as the company's headquarters. As a result, the branch is not a distinct legal entity. It is a subsidiary of a parent firm that conducts business using the same identity. It is managed by the main corporation. A branch company typically has a branch manager who answers to and accepts orders from a representative of the parent business's management team.
Branch office of a Foreign Company- As the foreign branch office is an expansion of the foreign parent corporation, it must get a trade licence to engage in the same operations as its parent firm. 51% of it is locally owned, without any minimum share capital requirements.
Freelance permit- The TECOM Group has granted a freelancing permission in Dubai, which allows you to operate as an independent contractor. This permit requires a yearly renewal. The freelancer permit is excellent for those on a spouse's or parent's visa needing a licence to work as a freelancer.


• Zero income tax 
• No currency restrictions 
• 100% foreign ownership of the business 
• 100% repatriation of capital and profits 
• No custom duties 
• No trade barriers and quotas 
• Low operating costs 
• First-class infrastructure 
• First-class support services 
• Best amenities for media companies 


• License application
• Original resolution – on plain paper, 2 copies stating the following:
• Calling for the establishment of an FZ-LLC/branch in Dubai Studio City
• Appointing a manager and assigning power of attorney for manager and    directors (if applicable)
• Indicating paid-up capital and share allocation between the shareholders
• Appointment of directors (if applicable)
• Copy of business plan
• Valid passport copies of the manager
• the shareholder, directors, and of negotiator/legal representative, if applicable
• Original bank reference letter for each shareholder, confirming the following:
• Type of account and how long it has been active
• That the account has been conducted to the bank’s satisfaction
• Specimen signature of the manager, shareholders/directors/negotiator/legal representative, if applicable


• All legal documents which are longer than one page must be secured under the Power of Attorney, which also requires the attorney's passport proof to be attached.
• The authority can seek additional papers as it sees fit.
• The Dubai Studio City administration reserves the right to request additional attestation from the UAE Embassy or other governments as needed.
• The management must have a Power of Attorney and/or a Board Resolution that states the manager's full name as it appears on his or her passport, which includes nationality and a legitimate passport number.
• The legal documents must be written in either Arabic or English. Any documentation written in a language other than English/ Arabic requires a verified translation to the mentioned languages for DSC Company Formation.


• Application for permission is submitted (Company registration application, licence application, business plan, and coloured copy of passport.)
• Submission of legal paperwork for the corporation's registration
• The Dubai Studio City administration reserves the right to request additional attestation from the UAE Embassy or other governments as needed.
• Completing the payment. Reviewing and submitting the Customer Confirmation Letter
• Signing of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
• Transferring capital to a company
• The lease and the employee sponsorship agreement are to be signed
• Fees must be paid to collect the license.

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There are two types of licenses available for DSC company formation namely commercial license and freelance permit. Dubai studio city also allows the facility of import and export of goods.
There is variety of activities allowed at Dubai studio city free zone business setup like Animation, Broadcast services, Radio station-satellite, IP streaming, TV network-satellite, Film support service, Music and entertainment, Production (TV, film, and radio) Themed amusement and recreational activities.

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