Offshore Company Formation

Dubai Offshore Company Formation is a great choice for anyone looking to ensure complete privacy and anonymity with 100% foreign ownership, no minimum share capital, and low operational costs.


Offshore Company Formation

A great choice for anyone looking to ensure complete privacy and anonymity with 100% foreign ownership, no minimum share capital, and low operational costs.
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Offshore Company Formation

Setting up an offshore company is one of the most effective ways to ensure complete privacy and anonymity. The UAE is one of the top offshore business formation destinations for anyone living anywhere else in the world. In the United Arab Emirates, there are a few particular offshore places. Offshore business formation can be done in Dubai or any one of the emirates' approved sites.

We have years of experience setting up offshore firms and Mainland Company Formation at Business Setup HQ. As a consequence, you will get the best experience and results in the industry. We are well-versed in great sites, how to meet various business needs, as well as how to lawfully minimize taxes.

Advantages of setting up an offshore company

There is no requirement to pay business

There is no requirement to pay business taxes.

The fact that offshore enterprises do not have to pay any corporate or personal taxes is a major advantage. As a result, it enables you to make the most money possible. According to the legislation and government regulations, there are several exceptions.

Transferring ownership is simple

Transferring ownership is simple.

It is simple to acquire another offshore firm rather than launching a new one. We handle the full transfer process for you. All you have to do now is provide us the necessary documentation. When you work with a reputable local firm, the process is simple.

Foreign ownership is 100 percent

Foreign ownership is 100 percent.

The necessity of 100% foreign investment is a basic condition for founding an offshore corporation. This criteria will undoubtedly be met if you use our offshore business formation service. Local sponsors or shareholders are not required under the International Companies Regulations.

There is no minimum share capital requirement

There is no minimum share capital requirement.

For the creation of an offshore corporation, there is no minimum share capital requirement. One of the key advantages is that it considerably benefits companies operating on a tight budget.

Procedure for registration at a low cost

Procedure for Registration at a Low Cost

The offshore company creation service suggests the most cost-effective solutions based on the company's budget. We work hard to ensure that all of your needs are met while staying within your budget. The process of forming an offshore corporation is inexpensive and normally takes three to four days of work.

Limitation of Liability

Limitation of Liability

Limited liability protects investors' personal assets while allowing them to freely invest in offshore firms. Their responsibility will be restricted to the company's capital stake.

Operational Costs are Low

Operational Costs are Low

Offshore enterprises do not need to lease premises, hire employees, or pay taxes. Hence their operating costs are inexpensive. Registered companies can be used to run an offshore corporation in Dubai and any other emirate.

Get your company onboard offshore, contact business setup HQ to get started.

Documents required for offshore company formation

1). For corporate entity shareholders

2). Individual shareholders

Procedure of offshore company formation

In comparison to the method for forming a free zone or mainland firm, the procedure for forming an offshore company is shorter and easier. You won’t even have to be present physically in the UAE to start a business. Take a peek at the whole procedure:

Major offshore locations in the UAE

There are two primary places that offer offshore company creation services: RAK (Ras Al Khaimah) and Jebel Al. Each location has its own set of advantages. You may rely on Business Setup HQ's approved agents to help you start your offshore company in either of these offshore locations.

1) Formation of the RAK Offshore Company

In contrast to Jebel Ali, forming an offshore business in RAK is a more cost-effective option. The liability will be limited because the company will be structured as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Furthermore, operations in this offshore location are unrestricted. You won't even have to go to the government to start a business. All of the requirements will be handled by our agents. It is also unnecessary to obtain a tenancy contract prior to incorporation. You will have access to a corporate bank account in the UAE, as well as 100% foreign ownership and the ability to launch the company with just one director.

2) Formation of the Jebel Ali Offshore Company

There are both free zone and offshore enterprises in Jebel Ali, making it a key economic center. Jebel Ali also gives visitors access to one of the world’s major maritime ports. The majority of Dubai’s offshore companies are based here. There is no obligation to pay company taxes, income taxes, or personal taxes. There is no requirement for a minimum capital amount when forming an offshore corporation in this jurisdiction. You would, however, be required to keep financial records and undertake a statutory audit.

Major offshore locations in the UAE

Let your business thrive offshore with the professional guidance of Business Setup HQ.

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About Business setup HQ

Business Setup HQ is a well-known corporation that offers offshore company
formation services to businesses in a variety of industries. In our decades of
experience, we’ve come across some unusual conditions for forming an offshore
corporation. Individuals from various countries who had odd businesses and
demanded maximum privacy and anonymity were among those with whom we
offered our services.

In addition to offshore company formation, we do provide free zone and mainland
business formation services. Some of the companies that used one of our company
formation services came back to us for another.

We even provided high-quality accounting, auditing, and VAT-related services to businesses. We even worked to improve offshore organizations' internal controls in order to maintain strong security standards.
We take pleasure in our extensive understanding of the UAE's different offshore areas. We have advanced experience in forming offshore corporations in a variety of industries. We carry a skilled team of individuals who also are well-versed in the legislation and regulations governing the formation of offshore companies in the United Arab Emirates.


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Dubai Offshore Company Formation

Setup a Offshore company in UAE with ease! Unlimited Visas, No Minimum Capital Required!


The number of directors depends on where the company is located offshore. Two directors are required for Jebel Ali Offshore Company, whereas only one is required for RAK Offshore.
There is 0% corporate tax applicable to a mainland company in the UAE. However, branches of foreign banks, petrochemical and gas companies are liable to pay taxes.