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Dubai Outsource City

Dubai Outsource City (DOC) is a business park in the United Arab Emirates for domestic and international enterprises who are interested in outsourcing services. It was established in 2007 as the Dubai Outsource Zone, with the goal of providing innovative facilities to outsourcing firms. More than 160 companies from insurance, hospitality, banking, finance, government, and travel industries are housed here. Dubai Outsource City (DOC) is a free zone devoted to outsourcing enterprises from around the world.

The infrastructure and services at DOC are designed to assist businesses in delivering BPO, HR outsourcing, IT outsourcing, Back Office, and Call Center Operations, while also assisting communities in engaging with companies locally and globally. DOC is a thriving location where outsourcing companies may rapidly and efficiently set up shop to provide cutting-edge services to markets worldwide. It offers a complete intent infrastructure for business setup in Dubai Outsource city (DOC). Complete business ownership and tax-free income are among the free zone privileges offered to DOC Business Partners. There are more value-added services such as professional networking, venue management, industry awareness programmes, and government services.

Why Dubai Outsource City (DOC)?

• The DOC is strategically positioned.
• It offers a variety of visa options.
• There are a variety of commercial locations to pick from, with 24-hour security and access.
• DOC offers a variety of licence alternatives for starting a business.
• Dubai Outsource City helps students build their businesses while allowing them to take up part-time jobs.
• There are no currency limits.
• For a Dubai Outsource City company, 100 percent repatriation of money and revenues is permitted. DOC offers significant channel and market expansion prospects.
• For a period of 50 years, corporations and individuals are exempted from corporate and personal income taxes.
• Foreign ownership is 100 percent.
• Services are provided in the areas of health, security, and safety.
• Ethernet in a Metro Area Network
• Interaction and networking opportunities for business
• Channel and market development opportunities
• Infrastructure for communications depending on next-generation technologies
• Competitively priced digital phone and high-speed data solutions

How To Select The Right Legal Status At DOC?

1. Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZLLC)

A Free Zone Limited Liability Company can be formed. Individuals and corporations can be shareholders in a FZLLC because it has its own legal identity. This type of company is established as a separate legal entity with its own stockholders. To start this business, you'll need a certain amount of money.

2. Branch office of a UAE company

A UAE company's branch office is not a distinct legal entity as it handles the parent company's activities. It is a legal entity that is dependent on its overseas parent company that has the option of operating from a location other than the parent corporate headquarters. Under this corporate form, there is no requirement for a minimum amount of capital.

3. Branch office of a foreign company

The DOC enables a foreign company's branch office to be formed with no minimum share capital restrictions. This is a form of corporate structure in which an existing company in the United Arab Emirates can expand its office in a free zone.

License Types At DOC

1. Commercial license

Companies that participate in trading or the purchasing and selling of items are eligible for this sort of licence. A commercial licence is required for every company activity which may fall under ‘commercial’ activities.

2. Services license

Businesses that provide services are granted this type of licence. Service providers, artisans and/or craftsmen, professionals, and so on are examples.

3. Trade license

Businesses that engage in industrial and manufacturing operations are granted a trade licence. It comprises food product production, metal casing, and so on.

Dubai Outsource City Company Formation Process

There are various requirements associated with either FZ-LLC or Branch Office, regardless of the kind of company you wish to start in the Dubai Outsource City (DOC) free zone. The following are the steps to starting a business in DOC. Step 1- Fill out a form for preliminary permission from the DOC free zone authorities- The first step is to fill out a form for preliminary permission from the DOC free zone authorities. Filling out all the company information is part of the form.

Step 2-Presentation of legal documents for business registration- After receiving preliminary permission, you can apply for company registration. Before submitting the form, make sure you have all the required papers.

Step 3-Signing a lease- After that, you must sign a lease to rent a workplace in the free zone. When finalizing a lease or Memorandum of Association, please ensure all paperwork is notarized and typed in English and Arabic (MoA).

Step 4-The very next step is to obtain the specific licence required for your company activity so that you could always legally begin doing business.

Step 5-Payment settlements- At this stage, you will receive approval from the DOC to begin your operation. You must first pay the registration, licencing, and other fees.

Documents Required For DOC Business Setup

• Business plan
• Board resolution
• Proof of share capital
• Application form for a license
• Registration fee and license fee
• Specimen signature of the manager
• Agreement of personnel secondment
• Personal details of the shareholder(s)
• Application form for company registration
• Coloured copy of passports of the manager/director(s)/shareholder(s)
• Original Memorandum of Association (MOA) and/or Articles of Association (AOA)
• Certificate of Authorization for the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO)

Guidelines For Submission Of Legal Documents

1. Powers of Attorney must be used to bind all legal papers that are longer than one sheet and must be accompanied by a valid passport copy of the Attorney.
2. The Authority maintains the right to seek any further documents it deems relevant as needed.
3. The Council has the authority to request additional attestation from the UAE Embassy or other embassies as needed.
4. The Manager's full name as it appears on his or her passport, including nationality and a valid passport number, must be stated in the Power of Attorney and/or Board Resolution. All legal documents must be written in Arabic and/or English.
5. Any document written in a language other than Arabic or English must be accompanied by a certified Arabic or English translation.

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– Document Management, IT Management, Customer Care, Transaction Processing, Operations Support, Property Management Services, Hotels and Leisure Facilities and Regional Headquarters.
– For enterprises looking to create themselves in a UAE free zone, DOC offers a complete purpose-built infrastructure. 100 percent business ownership and tax-free income are among the free zone privileges offered to DOC Business Partners, as are value-added services along with networking opportunities, venue management, industry awareness initiatives, and government services.

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