Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) Free Zone

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) Free Zone

Healthcare businesses are some of the most helpful in a world full of diseases, lack of supplies, epidemics, pandemics etc.
Dubai consists of several business hubs and magnificent spaces of various sectors. Dubai Healthcare City was founded in 2002 with the help of the prime minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
It is well designed and created to support medical tourism. It has a wide range of hospitals, medical educational institutions, pharmacy offices, clinics and more. The whole city has been marked as one of the best for patients and health care centers.

Advantages of Business Setup in Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone:

While every business space in Dubai holds several benefits, we list some of the benefits of Dubai Healthcare City below.

1. It is free from taxes.
2. It permits complete foreign ownership.
3. It is free from corporate and income taxes.
4. It is free from custom duties.
5. It permits complete repatriation of profits and capital.
6. It is free from trade barriers.
7. It offers the category of purchasing a clinic or having it on lease.
8. It offers a huge networking system.

Types of Business Licenses available in DHCC:

There are 3 major licenses considered in Dubai Healthcare City.They are-

1. Industrial License
2. Service License
3. Trading License

Setting up a business in Dubai Healthcare City:

There is a proper procedure for setting up a business in Dubai Healthcare City. Any investor or business owner first needs to clarify the activities that the business will carry and then select a suitable license. The requirement of at least 2 directors and 1 shareholder must be fulfilled to form the company.
The shareholder should be a local resident with whom a meeting shall be held at least once a year.
The process of setting up a business in DHCC has been detailed as below:

Procedure and documents required to setup a business in DHCC:

1. The first step includes submission of the application.
2. Next, one must wait for provisional approval.
3. After this, you need to obtain a copy of your business plan and submit it to the authorities of the free zone.
4. Submit the local shareholders’ board resolution.
5. The next step includes paying the required fees.
6. The process concludes with issuance of license after all your documents have been reviewed. This takes place within a span of two to four weeks.

Documents Requirement In Dubai Healthcare City:

The documents necessary for company formation can be divided into two categories.
1. For a new company establishment.
2. For a setup of a branch.

For a new company establishment:

• Early approval of the application and proof of the reserved trade.
• The passport copies of every shareholder.
• The copy of resume and passport of manager.
• Every shareholder and manager’s sheet of personal information shall be considered.
• Documents needed for the agreement of the lease.
• MOA/AOA that is attested and notarized for the corporates.
• Appointing a business advisor and a power of attorney that is attested and notarized for the same.
• Certificate of registration that is attested and notarized. This step is for the corporates.
• The address for the business.

For a setup of a branch:

• Every manager and shareholder’s copy of passport and sheet of personal information. This also includes the manager’s resume. The manager is only eligible if they have a degree from a university.
• Every manager and shareholder’s approved sheets of information and proof of reserved trade name.
• The approval proof for the commercial activities that will be carried out in the branch.
• Notarized MOA/AOA of the original branch.
• New branch’s agreement for lease.
• Certificate of incorporation or registration or license of the existing company.
• Directors’ board of resolution followed by the required rule.
• Main branch’s profile of the company.
• Physical address proof of business.

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Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) : FAQs

Services including supply, consultancy, leisure, management of property and operations related to the hotels are permitted in DHCC.

The 4 departments are-

a. Department of healthcare
b. Department of regulatory
c. Department of investment
d. Department of education and research

Yes, every business structure requires different documents.

In case you are willing to setup a company in DHCC or anywhere in UAE, feel free to reach out to us for a consultation.