Dubai CommerCity Company Formation

Dubai CommerCity Company Formation

Dubai CommerCity is the Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) region’s first and so far, only free zone devoted to the region’s flourishing e-commerce business.
It is a 3.2 billion AED investment spread across an area of about 2.1 million square feet. Global and regional brands can use Dubai CommerCity’s unique e-commerce infrastructure to set up and run their e-commerce businesses in the MENA region. Dubai CommerCity bolsters Dubai’s economy. It is positioned as a major international business platform by encouraging and sponsoring international foreign-owned enterprises and offering them with a complete ecosystem to meet all their needs, including facilities, logistics, technology, marketing, and more.

By fostering the smart economy centred on digital commerce, smart logistics, smart workplaces, and smart ICT infrastructure, this initiative will further assist Dubai’s digital transformation objectives. Dubai CommerCity will primarily target worldwide and regional manufacturers, as well as regional and global brick-and-click distributors and retailers, who want to establish direct e-commerce activities in Dubai CommerCity to serve the whole GCC and MENASA region.

Start-ups (manufacturers, distributors, or e-tailers) with a predicted high growth for such a region would also be housed in the zone. It shall also house ecosystem participants (such as IT desktop support businesses, marketing agencies, banks, consultancies, and law firms) as enablers to boost the zone’s appeal to the primary target clients.

Why choose Dubai for your business?

Dubai is among the world’s greatest diversified cosmopolitan cities which has evolved into a regional trade and economic hub. It is located at the intersection of East and West, Europe and Asia’s major trading routes. Dubai has a wide and evolving economy with world-class infrastructural facilities supported by a secure environment for residency. Venture into business-friendly government policies, a world affairs destination, 200+ nationalities, famed multinational companies, varied and skilled workforce, and an innovative thinking and knowledge hub.

Key propositions for a Business Setup In Dubai CommerCity

1. E-commerce ecosystem

There is pre- and post-installation assistance, including automated registration and licencing. E-commerce platform supplier with pre-integrated and pre-configured features and pre-negotiated pricing. End-to-end logistics network provider with pre-negotiated costs, incorporating warehousing and last-mile delivery – all at your service. For an excellent customer experience, you can choose a smart and centralised CRM solution. Payment gateways, marketing services agencies, call centres, and web developers, among many other ecosystem internet services, are all available on-site. Support for business (networking activities, talent acquisition and development, and marketing management), for goods movements among ports of entry, a simplified direct-to-consumer customs procedure has been implemented.

2. Strategic locations
Dubai International
Airport (DXB) – 5 mins
Jebel Ali Port – 45 mins
Dubai Downtown – 15 mins
Local Roads Network & National Highways – 5 mins
3. State-of-art-infrastructure
Zone of high-end modern business community
Premium offices featuring flexibility and scalability choices (Grade-A offices that comply with the      ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’
Shared storage for several customers and modular specialised LIUs
Contemporary social enclave (diverse food court, shops, and quality amenities within walking distance)
E-commerce clusters, which are equipped with innovative technology.
Access to a high-speed network

4. Free zone environment

a. Management that is focused on investors
Solutions for a quick and efficient start-up of businesses
Customer experience that is consistent throughout most of the customer journey and throughout all touch points
b. Investment incentives
100% ownership by a foreign firm
100 percent capital and profit repatriation
There are no currency limits.
c. Tax benefits
No corporate tax
No income tax
5. Green economy
Environment friendly structure
Solar energy powered logistic cluster

The masterplan of Dubai CommerCity

Dubai CommerCity is a massive free zone development project that will change the way people do business. Leading regional and worldwide companies and e-commerce companies will be able to store their goods, products, and replacement parts in state-of-the-art, fully equipped, technology-enabled warehouses. These goods & products will then be dispatched to small stores in record time.

The three clusters were designed keeping an innovative and sustainable approach in mind along with the goal of achieving strategic environmental and economic sustainability. Dubai Commer City has adopted innovative technology which provides investors with a smart and high-quality business environment.

Still confused about how to go about company formation at Dubai CommerCity? We are here to help.

Cluster of Businesses

1. Innovative business clusters

The business cluster consists of 12 office buildings totalling 175,358 sqm of leasable space and 443,830 sqm of built-up space. It has modern structures and landscapes both inside and out to offer clients with the most up-to-date amenities and a setting that encourages constant involvement & collaboration.

• Social cluster
A place where people and possibilities collide. With a maximum leasable space of 2,976 sqm and a total built-up area of 5,119 sqm, the social cluster is the core of Dubai CommerCity. It has a variety of high-end restaurants and cafés, as well as non-bonded multi-purpose exposition halls and dynamic amenities that cater to the needs of e-commerce enterprises wishing to set up shop in Dubai.

• Logistic cluster
The logistics cluster has 105 warehouse units with a combined built size of 52,606 sqm and a leasable area of 49,649 sqm, all of which are equipped with cutting-edge technology to fulfil the requirements of logistics service providers and clients. For clean energy generation, the cluster is equipped with roof PVC solar panels.

E-commerce opportunity in GCC and MENASA region

The Middle East and Africa’s e-commerce retail market is predicted to increase by 20% in the next five years, to USD 26 billion in 2022, outpacing world growth of 13%.
By 2022, the GCC is expected to account for 43% of MEA’s e-commerce retail market.
UAE has the maximum smartphone penetration population in the region, at 83%, followed by Saudi Arabia at 68%
The GCC has a high percentage of social media adoption with over 70% of the inhabitants utilising social networking sites on a regular basis.

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FAQs On Dubai CommerCity Company Formation

Dubai CommerCity is completely committed to assisting UAE in meeting its target of reducing its carbon footprint by 25% by 2030. Implementing non-traditional ways that are in line with international standards for a sustainable environment and a green economy is the path they have chosen to walk. Dubai Commercial City intends to reduce power usage by 40% while using solar energy and to reduce water waste by 40% by treating and reusing water.

Around 190 countries have participated in the Dubai Expo. Each country will have its own pavilion.- Reduced pollution by the adoption of worldwide environmental standards for the building of light industrial units and structures, including use of environmentally friendly construction materials and recycled resources, are among the methods.

Still confused about how to go about company formation at Dubai CommerCity? We are here to help.