Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp Company Formation

Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp Free Zone Company Formation

Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp in Abu Dhabi hosts over 600 of the world’s largest multinational corporations from diverse industries. The Higher corporation for specialized economic zones – ZonesCorp was founded in 2004 with the aim of developing urban centres in Abu Dhabi. It has built six world-class industrial zones, which now make up half of Abu Dhabi’s national GDP. The free zone has drawn significant foreign capital and has played a key role in expanding the Emirate’s industrialized ecosystem. Business Setup In UAE undertakes Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp Company Formation to help investors realise their dreams.

Transformational thinking, competitive public benefits, innovative infrastructure, and a pro-business climate makes Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp a desirable location for investors to form a venture. Since it is already a gateway for a range of training centres, businesses that enrol here can be confident in receiving qualified professional personnel and team members.

ZonesCorp has reshaped Abu Dhabi’s industrial landscape since its establishment by developing world-class, fully developed economic zones that have been implemental in Abu Dhabi’s success in attracting direct foreign investments. About one billion dollars has been spent in infrastructure to lure twenty billion dollars in manufacturing and logistics ventures, in addition to three billion dollars invested in Workers’ Residential Cities.

Higher corporation for specialized economic zones  has seen consistent growth in terms of customer base. Its zones now host over 880 sites, and are home to some of the world’s largest manufacturing players across a wide range of industries. Higher corporation for specialized economic zones/ ZonesCorp has entered Abu Dhabi Ports as a significant addition to its commercial and free zones, completing the value proposition provided to prospective buyers and continuing to draw a diverse range of investments in line with the Emirate of Abu Dhabi’s strategic objectives.

List of entities that can be a part of Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp

It is worth noting that, in contrast to certain other free zones in Abu Dhabi, this free zone only provides a single type of license, namely, an Industrial License. There are several types of institutions that can be formed in Higher corporation for specialized economic zones - ZonesCorp:

• General Partnership Company
• Limited Partnership
• Partnership Limited with Shares
• Limited Liability Company
• Private Joint Stock Company
• Public Joint Stock Company
• Branch Office
• Local Establishment
• Joint Venture Company

Benefits of Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp Company Formation

Higher corporation for specialized economic zones – ZonesCorp, offers many advantages to its investors. They are as follows:

World-class Infrastructure - Higher corporation for specialized economic zones/ZonesCorp has built facilities capable of exceeding the demands of foreign industrial investors by investing more than $1 billion. The zone here has been designed to fit and adhere to the broad range of industry-specific specifications.
Strategic Locations- We all know that location is critical to the success and development of every company. The Zones are geographically positioned in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, providing accessibility to transportation, residential neighborhoods, basic utilities, and logistical infrastructure.
Excellent Environment for Business- Higher corporation for specialized economic zones/ ZonesCorp's innovative infrastructure technologies and business-friendly climate foster productivity and enable companies to run at low costs. They sell a wide variety of plot sizes and configurations at affordable leasing prices. Water, energy, and gas supply reliability are essential considerations for all sectors. They provide their investors with a consistent supply of these utilities at market-competitive rates.
• Income and capital are entirely repatriated.
• Tax rate of 0%
• Duty-free import of raw materials and machinery
• A favourable economic environment
• Operational synergies from the co-location of related industries
• Labour protocols that are easy to follow
• The sound investment advice which is offered to customers
• Proximity to Abu Dhabi Airport and Jebel Ali Airport
• Cluster-based zoning model enables complete convergence within the business supply chain, resulting in synergy.

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Permitted activities Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp

It is critical to understand the permitted business practices at Higher corporation for specialized economic zones/ ZonesCorp. It handles the following activities:

• The use of chemicals
• Food and drink
• Oil and gas
• Textile and leather accessories
• Materials for construction
• Metals and engineering
• Assembling products
• Items made of wood and paper
• Items made of fiberglass and plastic
• Industries in other industries may be considered after a fiscal, environmental, and synergy evaluation at the implementation level.

Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp Business Setup Procedures

Establishing a company in one of Abu Dhabi's free zones is a quick operation. A specific license is required to start a company in Higher corporation for specialized economic zones/ ZonesCorp.To obtain the licence, first fill out the application form, which can be found online or by visiting the ZonesCorp office. The Higher corporation for specialized economic zones/ ZonesCorp authorities complete the rest of the procedures, which are:

• Transmitting the application to the relevant department
• Reserving the land and preparing the lease contract
• Obtaining approval from the Environment Department
• Arranging for a building permit and issuing a preliminary approval
• Authorizing the industrial license

Documents required for Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp Company Registration

The investor initiates the land leasing process by submitting a completed Land Application Form along with other relevant documentation. Following Higher corporation for specialized economic zones/ ZonesCorp's analysis and consent, the investor is taken on a site visit for plot evaluation. After Higher corporation for specialized economic zones/ ZonesCorp's Land Committee approves the chosen plot, an offer letter is sent to the investor outlining the commercial terms of the offer. If the investor accepts and signs the land contract, the requisite lease agreement is released for signature by all parties.

Now, the following documents are to be submitted after the application process:

• Contract which is approved by the corporation
• Document of the contract modification registration in the Ministry of Economy
• A plan of the factory's production and operation areas.
• Feasibility study
• Land plan
• Membership accreditation in the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
• Passport copies of the partners
• Power of attorney (if available)
• Legitimate and authorised trade name
• Valid lease contract
• Scientific data from the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency (EAD).
• Additional details for environment jurisdiction

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Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp Company Formation: FAQs

Currently, there are more than 600 operational industries working in the Zones Corp.

Following the Pre-Lease Agreement, the investor should apply for a Preliminary Industrial License. Once granted, you will be allowed to enter into a Land Lease Agreement, allowing you to begin construction on the facility. To begin production, a Permanent Industrial License must be obtained after the facility’s construction is completed. Through its OSS service, Higher corporation for specialized economic zones/ZonesCorp will assist the investor.

Make business setup in Abu Dhabi ZonesCorp a notch easier with Business setup HQ.