Khalifa Industrial Zone (KIZAD) Abu Dhabi

Khalifa Industrial Zone (KIZAD) Abu Dhabi

The Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi, also named KIZAD, is residence to a myriad of enterprise solutions that align numerous business operations like production, logistic support, trade, and allocation. KIZAD, Abu Dhabi, provides business services for all size of businesses, from independent start-ups to giant organizations. This is one of the area’s major industrial free zones. Khalifa port Free trade Zone tends to work on enforcing the 2030 Economic Vision of the Emirates Economy. It seeks to strengthen the competitive edge and to promote sustainable development. With the growing demands for free zone areas, KIZAD built a brand-new Khalifa Port Trade Zone.

It has made doing business far simpler via profitable operating expenses and various business configuration facilities. Investors that choose the port are offered a variety of company setup options. It consists of multiple investments such as aluminium, automotive, architected metals, port logistics, food processing, pharmaceutical products, packaging, polymer converting, among many others.

KIZAD has drawn over 200 domestic and foreign developers, with 17.4 million square meters of land being rented, representing a combined investment of more than AED65 billion. It has also lately achieved ISO 9001:2015 quality accreditation, the current edition of the world’s most popular quality management system standard.

Benefits Of Choosing Khalifa Industrial Zone

1. Strategic location with outstanding access to regional and international markets

SEA – KIZAD has 20 significant shipping lines linked with 60 destination ports. They make it possible to transport to & from Abu Dhabi to anywhere around the planet.

ROAD – With four-lane dual highways, it also has an infrastructure of three-lane dual arterial roads. They provide seamless mobility throughout the terminal, throughout the UAE, and within the country.

RAILWAY – Twenty-three specialized rail links allow for a freight capacity of 20 tonnes. They are made possible by Etihad Rail, which is intended to link the UAE to the rest of the GCC.

AIR – Providing 14 million tonnes of air cargo capacity, it allows access to four international airports – Abu Dhabi International Airport, Dubai International Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport, and Al Ain International Airport. They are quite well equipped to handle air cargo and are in tight vicinity.

2. World-class Infrastructure

Internal Transportation Network – It has a massive system of highways structurally with primary and secondary channels which provide full access to and from Khalifa Port along with interconnection to the national road. Utility highways have been built to provide electricity, water, telecommunications, sewerage, and other specialized facilities.

Integrated Clustering – The advanced manufacturing clumps of KIZAD enable land allocation with respect to industries and linked service providers. It aids in the collection of knowledge in one location while simultaneously promoting research and development.

Industry Innovations – It aspires to have solutions that benefit companies. Among them are a hot metal lane, a modular course, and a seawater cooling system.

Operative Staff Accommodation – It is intended to establish adequate housing near the town.

3. Dedicated investor support

Expert Advice
A committed relationship supervisor is available in each zone to provide service for businesses. He/she further guarantees the processing of documentation. Enjazat Services provides other value-added facilities under KIZAD Customer Service. It intends to provide the end-to-end information relevant to licence, residency permits, employment visas, free zone job visas, family visas, lawful translation, legal consulting firm, and additional third-party specialized services for companies and investors, along with integrated outsourced solutions for companies on a retainer premise.

Tax-Free Environment
It offers an area free of income tax, capital gains tax, and sales tax. Your company can also profit from exclusions of tradition on exchanges with joint venture businesses shipping of raw materials, import of machinery and equipment for production methods, and Goods fabricated in the UAE later shipped overseas to many of the GCC countries.

Competitive Operating Costs
The investor assistance scheme covers services, which are one of the largest running expenses for companies. It enables companies to take advantage of low-cost water and electricity.

Procedure to set up a business at KIZAD

The Land Leasing Process:

The applications are forwarded to the plot distribution council, which allocates the plot to the applicant's company. The claimant and KIZAD meet while the process of finalizing the agreement of settlement in the industrial region is going on. The claimant has the option of signing the final agreement or a provisional agreement to complete the precedent conditions.

Types of Company licenses At Khalifa Industrial Zone

Industrial License

It authorizes the import of raw materials, the manufacture, assembly, packing, and shipment of intermediary and/or finished goods, as well as other economic processes specified in the Industrial License (Category List).

Trading License OR General Trading License

It enables trading actions that also include export, import, allocation, inventory, warehouse management of products, and other such trading actions as are stipulated in the Trading License (Category List).
KIZAD will concern a general trading permit if one requires to make a deal in more than 17 products or more than three groups.

Service License

A business authorization permits the provision of multiple activities such as management consulting facilities, economic business solutions, advertising, cargo, and freight forwarding services, transport, hospitality, food outlets, and restaurants, and so on, as specified in the service license (category list).
One needs to fulfil all the procedural requirements to operate a company within Khalifa Port FTZ as per the stipulations of Governing regulations.

Different Types Of Business Establishments At KIZAD

Limited liability company The corporation shall be a limited liability company with a minimal paid-up capital of AED 150,000 or higher as would be prescribed. This organization can be owned by an individual, a corporation, or a corporation and an individual.

Branch company It is feasible for a branch firm to file for KIZAD business setup if it has a valid registration and licence outside of the Khalifa Port Free Zone. It could be established as a branch of a UAE firm or as a foreign business’s branch.

Procedures For Registering And Licensing At Khalifa Industrial Zone

1. The registration and licencing procedure in the Khalifa Port Free Zone is quick and easy, with licences being issued within a week of receipt of the completed application, money, and all relevant papers.
2. The client is assigned a specific point of contact from KIZAD to ensure that the process runs well.
3. In addition, a COLA reference number must be provided to finish the registration and licencing process.

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Khalifa Industrial Zone (KIZAD) : FAQs

Logistics operations can be set up by businesses. Truck loading docks, increased dock floor levels, and clear open places for leaves are all available from KIZAD. Each property will have its own parking space. 15 percent of the units include additional power for cold storage. The free zone offices are now on the ground floor of KIZAD’s headquarters, and a specialized staff of professionals assists with all company creation and setup procedures.
You can log in to the official portal and fill in all the necessary forms to avail all the necessary services in KIZAD. You can also choose any name for your company but it needs to get approved by Abu Dhabi Department of economic development.

Access to company formation at KIZAD has never been this convenient. Choose Business Setup HQ today.