Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD) Free Zone Business Setup

ICAD Abu Dhabi

Being the capital city of UAE, Abu Dhabi is not only the pride of UAE but also a huge business hub. It contains several free zones that are brilliantly maintained and regulated. It provides choices to business owners for selecting industry related free zones.

Abu Dhabi Industrial Area contains an endless number of strategic locations and business friendly environment. It is located on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi and has connections via sea, land, and air. It houses several companies based on various categories. Below are the details about the same.

Major Industrial Sectors Available for Industrial City of Abu Dhabi Free Zone:

There are 7 major industrial sectors present in ICAD. They are-
1. High Tech Industries
2. General Industries
3. Materials for Construction
4. Metals and Engineering
5. Oil and Gas Services
6. Advanced Factory Units
7. Chemical and Plastic

Facilities Available for Industrial City of Abu Dhabi Free:

Industrial City of Abu Dhabi is true to its name. It houses several industries due to the substantial number of facilities and benefits which it offers. Some of them are listed below-

• Top class Infrastructure and brilliant networks for communication.
• Highly developed environments with maintained roads, hubs, and various spaces making it easier for businesses to flourish.
• Comparatively faster and smoother process of accessing multiple ports and areas.
• Businesses that fall under the categories available in ICAD will flourish highly due to the specific innovation in facilities available for those categories.
• It has more than 200 air routes and has links via sea and land as well.

Industrial City of Abu Dhabi Process of Setting up a business:

Business Setup process is one of the simplest and straightforward processes done here. It can be divided into the following points-

1. Identify or Clarify the Business Activity.
2. Select a Legal Structure based on the Commercial Activity.
3. Reserve a Name for Trading.
4. Acquire Initial Approval.
5. Acquire External Approvals from suitable ministries.
6. Acquire License.

These basic steps will get you started at ICAD. Obtaining a license may need the requirement of several valid, legal documents as discussed below.

The Process of Obtaining Industrial License at ICAD Free Zone:

• After the completion of the application form, the investors or business owners are required to apply for the license.
• It soon gets reviewed by the Zones Corp and land plots are allotted accordingly.
• You will have access to those plot(s) within a span of two weeks.
• As soon as the application gets approved, a pre-lease agreement with the authority of ICAD can be signed.
• The investors and owners then go for an industry-based application for a preliminary license.
• A preliminary license allows investors to avail themselves of more facilities and based on that a permanent license can be acquired soon.

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Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD) : FAQs

Industrial zones at ICAD are divided into 5 categories.

ICAD I, ICAD II, ICAD III, ICAD IV and ICAD V. All these categories are divided based on the industrial sectors like oil and gas, engineering, technology, manufacturing and more.
ICAD is a Zones Corp production that supports businesses and creates a business-friendly environment.
ICAD is completely free from all the custom duties on the imports and exports made here.

Businesses across the globe today flourish under the guidance of experienced mentors. If you are willing to setup your company in ICAD and looking for a mentor, then we are proud to tell you our team at Business Setup HQ brings in all the expertise needed for it.