New residence and entry permit schemes approved in UAE

New Entry Permit for UAE Residents

On April 18, 2022, the UAE cabinet approved new schemes for the entry and residence permits of foreigners. These permits fall under the Executive Regulations of Federal Decree-Law on Entry and Residence of Foreigners. These visas’ purposes range from business to tourist, including green residence, job exploration entry, etc.  

The following are the New Types of Visa Permits in UAE: 

New UAE Residence Visa Scheme

New Entry Permit

There is no need for a sponsor or a host for new entry visas, which are available for single or multiple entries. These visas will be valid for 60 days from the date of issuance, and renewal for a similar duration is available.

Business Entry

No host or sponsor is required for business people to enter the country.

Tourist Entry

Tourists can enjoy the benefit of a 5-year visa with multiple entries for tourism purposes. The only requirement is a bank balance of US$4,000.0 or its equivalent in other currency during the last six months before the visa application. No need for a sponsor. The maximum duration of stay available to tourists is 90 continuous days, with an extension available for a similar period. But, the stay in UAE must not be more than 180 days in a year.

Job exploration entry

If your classification level as per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) is the first, second, or third level of skills, you can avail of this visa. Although you do not require a host or a sponsor, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent is compulsory.

Entry to visit friends or relatives

If your friend or relative is a UAE resident or citizen, you can apply for an entry permit to UAE to visit them. No need for a sponsor or host for this visa.

Entry to engage in temporary work

An employer can sponsor your entry visa for a temporary work assignment such as a project-based mission. The employer needs to issue a letter or temporary work contract displaying the reason for the visit. You must also submit a health certificate showing your fitness for work purposes.

Entry to study or train

You can get this entry permit if you intend to participate in an internship, training, or course in UAE conducted by government or private universities, research centres, or educational institutions. The institution must submit a letter mentioning the reason for your stay in UAE along with the duration.

New Residence Visa Scheme

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, skilled professionals, investors, and talented individuals can get a 5-year residence visa. A residence permit for family members can also be facilitated. When the residence permit expires or cancels, the professionals enjoy a grace period of a maximum of six months of stay in the UAE.

Golden residence 

The new regulations have included more people in the list of beneficiaries of this scheme and have relaxed the eligibility conditions. Investors, scientists, entrepreneurs, exceptional students, graduates, humanitarian workers, first-line workers, and professionals enjoy a 10-year residence visa under this scheme.  

As per the amendments, family members (spouses and children of any age group) of Golden Residence holders can also be sponsored. The new regulations also allow sponsoring of your domestic labourers. The Golden Residence visa remains valid for any duration of stay outside the country. In the case of the death of the Golden Residence holder, the family members can stay until the end of the permit period.  

Real estate investors can get a Golden Residence visa if they purchase a property equal to or more than AED2.0 million.  

Green residence 

Under this scheme, freelancers and self-employed individuals get a 5-year residence visa without the need for a sponsor or employer. But, you must satisfy the following conditions: 

  • A freelance/self-employment permit from the MOHRE 
  • A bachelor’s degree or specialized diploma 
  • Annual income from freelancing or self-employment must be equal to or more than AED360,000.0 for the last two years or prove your solvency during the stay in the UAE 

Investors and partners who participate in commercial activities can get a 5-year Green Residence Visa. Earlier, the validity of this visa was two years. Even skilled employees can get a 5-year Green residence visa without an employer or sponsor.  

The Green Residence Visa holders can get residence permits easily for their families (including spouses and children up to 25 years). There is no age constraint in the case of unmarried daughters and children of determination.  

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All these entry and residence permits aim to attract top talents and skilled persons from different fields. It will improve the competitiveness of the UAE job market and improve stability among the UAE families. Overall, the government’s objective is to fortify the country’s position as the ideal destination to invest, work, live, and travel.  

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