Masdar City Free Zone Abu Dhabi

Masdar City Free Zone Company Setup:

The Masdar City Free Zone of Abu Dhabi is one of the top business communities in the UAE. Located in the city of Masdar, it consists of several types of companies today. From small and medium enterprises to start-ups and internationals, it has it all. It also builds a healthy business environment.

Apart from that, it connects Abu Dhabi to the whole of UAE. It stands as one of the most important destinations for global business in the UAE. Also, it benefits businesses endlessly. Business setup in masdar city freezone and benefit from various services provided by MSCFZ.

Benefits offered by Masdar City Free Zone Of Abu Dhabi:

Masdar City Free Zone Of Abu Dhabi is considered for the flourishing of businesses in many ways:

• Fast Setup.
• Complete Ownership.
• Free from personal and corporate taxes.
• Repatriation freedom.
• Hub for development and research.
• Access to Massive Talent.
• Reasonable in terms of cost.
• Highly Strategic Location.
• 0 percent import duties.

The legal structure of MCFZ:

The Masdar City Free Zone offers three major legal structures. They are listed below:

• UAE based Company Branch
• Limited Liability Company in Free Zone
• Offshore Company Branch

Offered Business Services by Masdar City Free Zone:

The services under Masdar City Free Zone can be divided into three major categories:

1. Licensing and Registration
2. Services to Support
3. Services related to Leasing and Business

Licensing and Registration: Masdar City Free Zone offers several licensing and registering services. Below is a list of categories having eligibility for acquiring a license:

• Energy Industry
• Renewable Energy
• Service Providers
• Healthcare Services
• Oil and Gas Services
• Property Development Services
• Events and Marketing
• Human Resources
• Data Centers and Business Centers
• ICT and Cleantech
• Trading, Regional HQ and holding companies
• Retail, Food and Beverage

Services to Support: MCFZ offers support services-

a. Authentication of documents
b. Property and facility management
c. Medical checks with visa services
d. Processing of Emirates ID
e. Set up of PO box
f. Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce Membership
g. Administration of Customs
h. Conference and Meeting facilities
i. Dependent Sponsorships

Services related to leasing and business: There are three primary services under this category-

Office area: Every office space is offered according to the business requirements here. You can also choose from several equipment-like desks and spaces that can be shared.

Build to Suit: Several reputed organizations and corporations collaborate with MCFZ for various types of spaces.

Land: MCFZ offers land as one of the significant sources of business. This land is used for commercial purposes like trading and leasing.

Masdar City Free Zone company formation process:

The Business Setup in Abu Dhabi Masdar City Free Zone, can be divided into three categories:

Reservation of the Company Name: The first step to form a company in a free zone is reserving a name for it. (This can be done by paying AED 2000/.)

Soon after the payment, the request gets submitted to the DED of Abu Dhabi, and upon approval, an email is sent to the investor.

Later, the application for the license has to be acknowledged and completed by the investor while providing the legal documents and basic business plan. MCFZ will state further procedures upon checking and approval.

Submission of Documents: The second step to form a company in MCFZ is to submit the necessary documents. These documents would be reviewed thoroughly and approved accordingly. After this, the system issues the legal documents for the company, and further steps are followed.

Issuing License: The last but essential step is to obtain a license. After the approval and issuance of a license, the company is formed and ready to work ahead.

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Company Formation in Masdar City Free Zone Abu Dhabi : FAQs

The validity of the license issued by MCFZ is for an entire year.
Any business activity is considerable in MCFZ. It has to be legal and free of harm.
Yes, After the approval of respective authorities, any company can have a branch outside the Masdar City Free Zone.

Forming a company can be a tough job if you are new to it. Beginners always make mistakes that may result in a different outlook eventually. Hence, to avoid the mistakes and acquire clarity, one should go for a consultation. Consulting a mentor and an expert in the field can take you several steps ahead in the right way.