Gold and Diamond Park Free Zone Dubai

Gold and Diamond Park Free Zone Dubai

The Gold and Diamond Park Free Zone Dubai, UAE is a well-known jewelry hub. Jewelry is a piece of luxury that never goes out of style. The Gold and Diamond Park free zone consists of some of the world’s finest precious stones, silver, gold, and platinum. Every year, thousands of tourists and locals visit the place for its brilliant and unique jewelry designs. Apart from that, it also provides a wide range of variety of items to choose from.

Its strategic location makes it an apt place for business. It is a combination of several things that makes it stand out from other jewelry hubs. Full of art, beauty, business, and skills, it is often said to be mesmerizing. It offers a multitude of benefits for business.

Business benefits in Gold and Diamond Park Free Zone Dubai:

While holding a business in the Gold and Diamond Park is an absolute pleasure for entrepreneurs across the world, it is also heavily beneficial for the following reasons:

• It offers complete foreign ownership.
• It allows 100% repatriation on profits and capital.
• It is free from corporate and personal income tax.
• It gives 24x7 operational freedom.
• There is no restriction in hiring foreign employees.
• The central air conditioning system that makes it even more great to experience.
• It is made extremely safe and secure via cameras, security personnel, fire alarms and other defense systems available 24x7.
• Healthy work culture with healthy work environment and ambience.
• Efficient and convenient transportation facilities between hotels and the park.

Types of Licences at Gold and Diamond Park Free Zone Dubai:

There are 6 major licenses considered here:

• Trading License- To carry out any commercial activity in the Gold and Diamond Free Zone, acquiring a trading license proves to be helpful. It acts as a pass to continue trade anywhere in the park.
• Service License- A service license is similar to a trading license. It acts as a gateway for any individual, firm, or organization to provide different services.
• National Industrial License- A national industrial license helps in setting up of any industry in the gold and diamond park.
• Manufacturing License- Any manufacturing activity can be carried out with the help of a manufacturing license.
• Retail License- Setting up a retail outlet in the Gold and Diamond Park requires this license as the part of the initial process.
• E-Commerce License- Like any other license and business, e-commerce trade demands the acquirement of this license.

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The procedure of company formation in the Gold and Diamond Park, Dubai:

The steps of Freezone Company Formation in the Gold and Diamond Park is as under:

• The first step is to get a lease agreement from the Gold and Diamond Park’s management authority.
• Select a license that fits your business.
• Submit the application form accordingly to JAFZA- Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority.
• JAFZA will then review the form and necessary documents and then issue a letter that needs to be submitted to the bank.
• The bank will soon issue a letter of confirmation for the deposit that had been made.
• The last step includes submitting the letter of confirmation to JAFZA.

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FAQs On Gold and Diamond Park Free Zone Dubai

There are many guest services available at the Gold and Diamond Park. They are- • Transportation.
• Public Service.
• Wheelchairs and equipment for babies.
• Auspicious Prayer rooms for women and men.
• Changing room for babies and more.
Yes, there are some basic codes of conduct that need to be followed. They include decent dressing, avoiding smoking, prohibiting any harmful or dangerous activity, avoiding intimacy in public etc.
Trading license happens to be a gateway to carry out trading activities in the Gold and Diamond Park.

If you are someone willing to Business Setup in UAE or the Gold and Diamond Park and looking for some guidance, then feel free to contact us.