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Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park Free Zone is one of the best business research and development spaces. Established in 2016, it is a massive space which links government, entrepreneurs, and educational organizations. It aims to facilitate the business process of both private sector and public sector companies.

The Park is built with an aim of housing more than 200 start-ups and businesses. It aims to build an ecosystem for innovation, generate employment, spread knowledge, and venture into design and building. There are several reasons which make SRTIP an incredible location. They are as follows:

Research Areas on which SRTIP Focuses

Sharjah RTI Park focuses on 6 major research areas. All of them are listed below:

• Renewable Energy
Today’s world is affected by global warming. During times like these, sustainable development through renewable resources is the best option to solve the problem of energy requirements.
SRTIP aims to provide a research space which helps excel in sustainable development. Any firm that is environment friendly can easily get into this zone for further research and development.

• Water Management and Technology
Water being one of the most important resources of all, needs to be managed. In a world where water gets polluted constantly, this park focuses on solving the problem.
SRTIP focuses on giving a space to develop technologies related to water management. Areas like water purification, conservation, recycling, and desalination are considered here.

• Technology related to Environment and Surroundings
This is an extremely thoughtful step by SRTIP. It promotes environment friendly technologies and businesses. From waste limitation to building environmentally friendly technology, SRTIP focuses on this sector for research and development too.

• Logistics and Transportation
Logistics and transportation have become a major part of lots of businesses today. Hence, SRTIP brings a space to contain research regarding working and managing of vehicles and logistics.

• Designing, Production and Architecture
Designing, Architecture and Production has skyrocketed in today’s times. From virtual to real world, this space is created to generate understanding regarding it all. Robotics and AI are the two major areas under consideration here.

• Digital Technology
With the age of digitization, companies today focus on the online world and experience. Hence, its necessary to enhance the experience of the digital world.
With that thought, SRTIP also considers digitalization as one of the major research areas.

What are the packages offered by SRTIP?

Business setup in Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park Free Zone has several advantages. The packages offered by SRTIP is one of them. Every business in Sharjah RTI Park can choose from the several packages that SRTIP offers. Some of them are listed below:

• Maktabi (co-working space)

If you want to start out small and save the cost of having a private area for your company, then this is a perfect option for you. All you need to pay is the general services fee, license fee and lease fee. In return, you get a well-maintained desk, shared meeting area, parking lot, free of cost wi-fi and security for 24 hours.

• Start-up Office

If you wish for a well-designed start-up office then that too is available here. Apart from paying the general fees, license fee and lease fee, you only need to pay the registration fees.

• Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Office

A SME office contains 4-6 desks each. Total eight visas are allowed for this office. To have an additional visa included, you need to pay AED 1,000. You get a well-maintained private space to enrich and flourish your business as well as its environment.

• Ecosystem Office

The ecosystem office comes with similar facilities with that of SME offices. The only difference here is the area being larger and allows comparatively a greater number of visas.

• Innovation Office

The Innovation office is a complete free space where you can get to choose everything about the office. It works as a DIY office. From choosing the size of the area to visas, you will have to pay accordingly.

• Innovation Plot

If you are thinking of a long-drawn business then this is a perfect alternative for you. You get to choose a plot and build everything that you want to. You are also given security services and full-allowance of selecting any number of visas.

• First Step Hi-Tech Office

If you want to build large network while building your business, then this can be a great step. Designed especially for beginners, SRTIP here offers access to several events and talents present in the area. It is a wonderful place to evolve and learn.

• Woman in Innovation Hi-Tech Office

With woman empowerment on the rise, SRTIP is proud of this package. It believes in supporting the education and rights of women. Under this, you get all the facilities similar to that of First Step Hi-Tech office.

Benefits of Business Setup in SRTIP:

Here are some of the benefits of setting up your business in SRTIP-

• You have 100 percent ownership of your company.
• You DO NOT have to pay any corporate or individual income tax.
• There is no tax levied on any import or export activities.
• You have complete allowance to repatriate your profits and capital.
• Connect with extraordinarily talented students, researchers, and professionals.
• You get a great renting space as well as reasonably priced offices.

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We completely understand your confusion regarding packages. This is due to two reasons:
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