Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMCFZ): All you need to know

Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMCFZ)


The Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMCFZ) is the newest free zone inside the emirate of Ajman and the United Arab Emirates, intending to create a world-class environment with innovative and flexible methods to ensure professional counseling on every area of company formation. AMCFZ offers firms several benefits, including low prices and a variety of attractive packages, in trying to entice media houses from the UAE and other countries. It aims to create a dependable, peaceful, and efficient environment for both enterprises and individuals.

The AMCFZ is one of the UAE’s free zones, designed to create a creative environment. The Ajman media city free zone is aimed at entrepreneurs who want to make a name for themselves in the media industry. Founded to provide a dependable, pleasant, and professional atmosphere for both businesses and individuals. It is also attempting to develop a global environment with creative and adaptable methods to provide professional help at every stage of the company formation process.

Benefits Of Setting Up A Business In Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMCFZ)

Ajman Media City free zone is a distinct free zone amongst everyone. It has established a straightforward legal framework and offers cost-effective business formation choices in Ajman Free Zone. Let’s have a look at all of its advantages:

AMCFZ Services

Services at AMCFZ are listed below-

1. Low-cost Business Setup: Ajman’s Media City offers low-cost options for obtaining your business off the ground. There are several corporate options available, with the most basic costing roughly AED 8000.

2. Business ownership: Unlike the mainland, you will not need a local sponsor to start a firm in the Ajman Media City Free Zone(AMCFZ). You have the option to acquire the company outright.

3. Repatriation: There are no restrictions on capital and gain repatriation, so you can shift 100% of your money wherever you want.

4. Taxation: Companies in the AMCFZ are excluded from paying corporate tax entirely. Neither the founders nor the employees are required to pay personal income tax.

5. License: In the Ajman Media City Free Zone(AMCFZ), you can engage in both commercial and service operations under the same license. Your company’s ability to undertake several activities is not restricted to just one. With just one license, you can engage in different activities. After submitting your application, you will have your license within 24 hours.

6. Digital process: The entire company registration procedure in the Ajman media city free zone (AMCFZ) can be completed via an online portal.

7. Visas: You can obtain a visa by completing an application for an organization card. If you pay the “urgent visa” fees, the Ajman media city free zone

Various AMCZ License Packages

Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMCFZ) offers a variety of options based on workplace allocation, visa eligibility, and the number of activities, among other factors.

The price of various packages is determined by the parameters indicated above. This flexibility helps the investor to come up with a cost-effective business model. The flexibility allows the business owner to meet all of his needs without having to spend extra. Let’s go over each bundle in detail:

• Business Club Packages

1. This plan provides you with a monthly allocation of shared workspace for a set amount of hours (10 months).

2. Your business will be classified as a free zone and will not be eligible for a visa.

3. You can also have five commercial and five business operations with this bundle, and that you can even combine them.

• Bronze Package

1. This package includes one permanent sharing office with cutting-edge technology.

2. You are eligible for one visa with this plan. The company will be classified as a free zone.

3. You can engage in 10 different business activities in total, five of which are commercial and five of which are service-based.

• Silver Package

1. The price and quantity of eligible visas are the only differences between both the silver and silver plus packages. Three visa permits are included in the package.

2. The maximum number of permissible Free Zone activities is 10, with a five-license limit for commercial and service operations.

• Gold Package

1. If you need a private office for multiple staff, this is the most acceptable alternative.

2. The Gold Package includes an executive office where you can apply for up to five visas per license.

3. The engagement limit is five for business activities and five for service operations for most packages.

• SMI Package

1. The AMCFZ has created a unique plan for bloggers and influencers called the SMI Package or Social Media Influencer.

This package is for those who advertise companies and have a say in people’s purchasing decisions. Influencers should have a registered company to undertake a promotion or similar operations in the UAE.

2. The National Media Council of the UAE will award you a certificate as a social media influencer.

3. You are not eligible for a visa with this company, so your physical participation is not needed.

4. The entire procedure of forming a business is online. All you have to do is fill out the application form online with three distinct company names.

5. Following that, the free zone authorities will prepare the paperwork and email them to you. All you have to do now is sign the forms and return these to Media City Ajman. The Free Zone license will be secured after payment, and AMC will create the documentation. They will then be delivered to you through email.

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Legal Structures of the company in AMCFZ

1. One owner company
You don’t need to acquire any shareholders to form a free zone, and you can own your company entirely. Packages that do not require a visa or only require one visa are acceptable. To run the business, you don’t even have to be physically present. You may establish a market foothold in the UAE simply by founding a company.

2. Multiple owner company
Multiple shareholders and investors are allowed in a free zone corporation. Packages with several visa choices would be appropriate for this organization. Because the FZC is a limited liability business, investors’ and stakeholders’ liability will be restricted to the share capital. It makes it appealing to many entrepreneurs because it protects their assets.

3. Branch of a foreign company
This legal structure is appropriate if you do not want to perform business in the UAE but merely want to establish a market presence. You could run your company just about anywhere in the globe and also have a representative office here.

4. Branch of a local company
This choice is for companies already operating in the UAE and therefore need to open a new branch in the Ajman Media City Free Zone. Mainland Company Formation and those in the free zone are qualified for BLC legal formations.

How to Avail Visa Services in AMCFZ?

Obtaining visas is a critical component of running a business because it is the only way to bring in qualified employees from other countries. Taking this into account, the AMCFZ has made the visa application process quick and straightforward.

AMCFZ Visa Services Process

1. The candidate must apply for a business license.

2. One must apply for eChannel after receiving the organization card.

3. Following that, you must submit an application for an entry permit.

4. After acquiring the entry permit, one must pass a medical examination and submit an Emirate Identity Application.

5. A stamp of residency permit is required on the passport.

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Business Setup in AMCFZ: FAQs

No, a local sponsor isn’t necessary, and you will have 100% ownership of your company in AMCFZ.
Yes you can easily change the activities of your company and that through an easy online portal.

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