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Dubai Techno Park Free Zone

Technology in today’s world has become a necessity for all kinds of activities. The most beneficial feature of technology for businesses is the reach and connection it provides. It gives an access to unlimited opportunities and possibilities around the world. Apart from that, technology also helps businesses become more organized and efficient.

Any business today needs technology to operate smoothly and efficiently. It has assisted numerous businesses to reach the heights of success overtime while also increasing its own demand. It is also secure and supportive in multiple ways.

Setting up a business in this sector offers an endless number of growth opportunities. Therefore, the launch of Dubai Techno Park was concluded and has been designed accordingly. It is a massive technological space for trade and commerce, contributing as one of the major spaces in terms of growth and development of UAE’s technological sphere.

Types of Trade Licenses in Dubai Techno Park Free Zone:

Commercial licenses grant access for legally running a business under the authorization. The Dubai Technology Park requires different licenses for different commercial activities.

There are 3 major licenses in Dubai Technology Park Free Zone. They are-

• Industrial License: This is needed to carry out assembling various heads and manufacturing activities.
• Trading License: This is important for export-import activities as well as for distribution and storage.
• Professional License: This is for individual professionals who want to showcase their skills. It is also said to be for specialized individuals.

Company formation types in Dubai Techno Park:

Companies in the Dubai Techno Park can be categorized as below-

• Companies in Free Zone
On-shore Companies
Off-shore Companies
• Limited Liability Companies
• Companies for civil purposes
• Sole Proprietorship Companies
• Branch Offices

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There are 4 types of branch offices in Dubai Techno Park-
• Free Establishment Branch Office
• Free Zone Company Branch Office
• Gulf Cooperation Council Business Branch Office
• Foreign Business Branch Office
The key industries in the techno park of Dubai are Development of Industries, Socio-Economic Industries, Life Sciences and Communication and Information Technologies.

Some of the benefits of forming a company in Dubai Techno Park are-

• Top-class Infrastructure

• Efficient Workforce

• Well-maintained regulatory system


• Complete allowance on hiring employees from anywhere in the world and more.

Hence, Business Setup HQ was established to help business owners and investors grow and flourish without any stress. Our team consists of experts who ensure that all your doubts have been cleared and your work has been competed hassle-free.