Dubai International Humanitarian City (IHC) Free Zone

International Humanitarian City (IHC) Dubai

What is the one service that can never go out of trend & need? Human welfare services.

Humanitarian services have been in need since the start of humanity. Today, several parts of the world contribute to it in many ways to counter problems. UAE too, is one of them. Dubai holds a wide range of business hubs and service providers, making it a major player in the game.

With the launch of Dubai International Humanitarian City, it aims to provide excellent services for human welfare along with various supportive business environments. It is unique and exceptional for a multitude of reasons. Established in 2003 by the prime minister, the vice president of UAE and the ruler of Dubai, DIHC is one of the largest humanitarian spaces in the world.

This is the only hub which is a non-profit organization and independent free zone space for humanitarian services. It includes more than 500 representatives from almost 68 nations. The benefits one can avail of while forming a company here are:

• Providing complete foreign ownership
• Providing an absolute allowance on repatriation of profits and capital
• Strategic locations with brilliant surroundings
• Availability of completely free transfer of funds
• Providing a complete exemption on import-export duties
• Availability of exceptional space for storage of medical supplies and foodstuff with the availability of cold storage
• Existence of least amount of red tape
• Convenient and appealing living environments.

Apart from these advantages, there are various facilities as well that one can look forward to:

• Availability of office spaces  
• Facilities of storage such as warehouses
• Meeting rooms
• Training and trading facilities
• Cafeteria and auditorium facilities
• Devoted UN building

How to Setup a Business in Dubai International Humanitarian City(IHC) ?

Setting up a business in the International Humanitarian City or anywhere in the world requires one to follow a certain set of instructions and procedures. There are several facilities, volunteers, services etc. to streamline the process of formation of organizations under it, as well as specific steps of Freezone company formation.

• Apply for a suitable license for your business after checking the eligibility for the same.
• Fill in the application form
• Agreement of lease
• Follow the criteria that needs to be considered for the name of the organization
• After obtaining license, check the terms and conditions

Why should you set up an organization/company in IHC?

Company formation in the International Humanitarian City can be beneficial in a lot of ways. It is one of the best human welfare organizations in UAE and a brilliant commercial hub for the same. One of the most inviting things International Humanitarian City includes is the service it provides during critical times like the Nepal earthquake crisis, refugee crisis of Syria in Jordan and more.

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The criteria for the name of the organization are as under:
• Companies cannot go for a name that is not considered as suitable or desirable by the authority.
• The name should never be in any way similar or identical to an already registered name.
• The name must not contain words similar to the names of the local organizations or people aligned with the city in any way or holding patronage.
International Humanitarian City proves to be beneficial to organizations in many ways. This ranges from governmental services to its own facilities that are supportive for business environments and more.
There are several services under the standard office packages provided by IHC; considered as privileged services. Office spaces, security services, free of cost Wi-Fi, 24/7 access, availability of fund raising and more.

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