Dubai Airport Free Zone Business Setup

What is DAFZA? And why it can be a great business setup location for you?

Established in 1966, Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority is today one of the best business locations in Dubai. With efficient building facilities, several businesses are currently flourishing here. Today, this business space houses more than 1800 companies. We bring you all you need to know about the business setup in DAFZA, Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority.

Before dwelling further, we need to know why you should consider DAFZA for your preferred business setup.

Reasons why you should choose Dubai Airport Free Zone for your business setup:

There is not just one but numerous reasons why this place is so prevalent for trade.

1. Location

This location in the whole of nearby airport places and Dubai offers excellent facilities. This makes the trade very easy and convenient. Can do any Commercial activity efficiently without any struggle.

2. Timings

DAFZA provides 24 x 7 services to customers, Which means more value to customers. And that means more value to any business.

3. Exemption of various taxes:

This is one significant reason Why DAFZA is considered among many business people. There is an exemption on personal income tax, corporate tax, import and export tax.

4. One hundred percent free from currency restrictions:

Yes, this zone has no currency restrictions.

5. The logistics center:

A hard-working team in the logistics sector makes everything more worthy than ever.

Business setup steps for a Dubai Airport Free Zone Business Setup:

You must be wondering how you can be one of the entrepreneurs at DAFZA. Hence, we bring you the basic steps below:
1. Select your license type.
2. Select your company type.
3. Select your space.

And you are done! All set to start your business immediately after you get this done.

Types of licenses for a Dubai Airport Free Zone company formation:

There are mainly six types of licenses that you can consider while forming a Dubai Airport Free Zone company. They are listed below:

Facilities available at DAFZA:

Availability of Business workspace/Office areas:
Licensing facilities
Registration facilities
Insurance facilities
IT services with equipment Facilities of reserved parking Facilities for internal management of affairs Well-furnished spaces

Availability of power system up to 200kW suitable for all commercial sizes.
Outlets for retail business.

Industrial Park of DAFZA:

Different employment visas based on the size of spaces
Storage facilities: various types of warehouses with different heights and cold storage spaces
Automated handling that is loading and unloading spaces
Designed to adapt to daylight

List of business activities permitted in Dubai Airport Free Zone:

The documents are to be submitted in two stages. Before approval, you will need to submit:
After this, if everything is approved, you need to submit the following documents:
Attachment of Owner’s notarized and attested declaration regarding the launch of the company in the DAFZA.

Attested and notarized copies of power of attorney of director, manager, etc. Attested and notarized copies of an officer appointed a legal representative and passport copy. Provide specimen signature in the attendance of DAFZA. A document containing signature for the agreement regarding office rent.

Types of services provided by DAFZA:

There are four major types of services provided by DAFZA. They are Commercial services, Portal services, services regarding various operations, and visa-related services.

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Dubai Airport Free Zone Business Setup : FAQs

Free Zones in Dubai are some specific economic zones for commercial activities. These zones offer different types of benefits like a reduction in taxes and some custom duty advantages etc.
Although DAFZA is near the airport, it is a separate space.
Corporate and Income tax aren’t considered on the companies at present in the free zone.
While considering the rules and regulations of this free zone, the rights of any shareholder is inheritable.

DAFZA is one of the best places to launch a startup or expand your business. And we take pride in helping people with that. If you are facing any hurdle regarding company formation in DAFZA or UAE, we can be your ultimate help.